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Brian Quan

Brian Quan '05

Brian Quan '05 came to UC San Diego for the weather. Well, not just the weather. He also came for UC San Diego's internationally recognized aerospace program—and because it was far enough from his childhood home in the Bay Area without being too far. But Brian's most impactful experiences at UC San Diego focused not on aerospace, but on community.

From a young age, Brian saw his parents' involvement in nonprofits and community organizations and the effects on people across his community. This early exposure to the power of connection and awareness has colored every aspect of his life—he has always had empathy and compassion for others, even others with whom he had little in common. According to Brian, his experiences at UC San Diego's Thurgood Marshall College helped reinforce the values he learned as a child.

Thurgood Marshall College's mission to educate engaged citizens committed to serving society gave Brian an opportunity to expand his social circle beyond his major. His volunteer activities, together with his participation in the cycling club, allowed Brian to meet people from across campus and across the community whom he might not have met otherwise—from graduate students to students from other colleges. It also gave him the opportunity to hear stories about other peoples' lives.

Brian bonded with his cycling club teammates during long drives to competitions across the western United States, and during casual rides in San Diego County—which also exposed Brian to the beauty and diversity of San Diego in a new way. And this network was pivotal in his post-graduation life. It was thanks to the friendships he made and relationships he forged at UC San Diego that he returned to San Diego as an aerospace engineer.

But the importance of community continued to play a prominent role in his life. In 2017, Brian decided it was time for a change. He wanted to leverage his interests and values to help communities. His route seemed counterintuitive, but Brian knew from his parents—both accountants—that financial advising was a powerful way for him to return to the principles and priorities that had been part of his life since childhood.

As a financial services professional, Brian is committed to helping others in his community and empowering his clients to do the same. And Brian doesn't just talk the talk—he recently coordinated with UC San Diego to provide future support for the cycling club and the Jacobs School of Engineering through his life insurance policy. He hopes that this unique gift will both provide sustainable funds for students who struggle to afford a college education and inspire others to find unique ways to make an impact.

Contact the Office of Gift Planning at (858) 534-2249 or today to learn how you can make a gift, like Brian did, that will help students afford a UC San Diego education well into the future.

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